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Having had the opportunity to work with multiple conservation companies and institutions, Lili has been able to work on some monumental historical timepieces. One of the most notable was a 12 foot Apostolic Clock belonging to Milton Hershey. This clock, built by a cabinet maker in the late 1700s had 24 separately moving figures as well as a day & day of the week calendar, zodiac, and month calendar attached to its accurate time keeping mechanism.


Other projects include: Louis Meier's 'Wonderful Clock' at the Detroit Historical Society. A one ton, beautifully carved, mahogany clock with a 5 foot gold leafed glass dial. In 2012 the clock was brutally vandalized - its glass dial and movement smashed beyond recognition. 


Lili has done work for the York Courthouse and Historic Rittenhouse Town. 



John Feister's 'Apostolic Clock' at The Hershey Story Museum

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